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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком Maya. Показать все сообщения

воскресенье, 16 мая 2010 г.

The highest Maya building

This is not an unusual question from a layman but it is basically an unimportant question for an archaeologist. Anyway, the contest is usually between two buildings: Temple IV at Tikal and the Danta pyramid at El Mirador. They are from completely different time periods, several centuries apart. They also have different layout but are both roughly 70 m tall depending from where you measure.

Pyramid IV has different names, the most famous of is "The Temple of the double-headed snake" The date of construction refers to the 8 th century. This building is part of a truly unique temple complex. In Tikal it is the highest building, It is about 65 meters high.
If you continue the path to the north west of Tikal, then after about 65 kilometers almost Wash border with Mexico you stumble upon an ancient Mayan city of El Mirador. Lack of road makes this city practically inaccessible to tourists. And yet, this is perhaps the most important city of the ancient Maya. Here you can find one of the highest Maya building - complex of Dante and pyramid "La Dante" whish is about 72 meters in height, and has a temple on the top.